Monday, January 25, 2016

Superbowl 50 Tickets

The Carolina Panter Take on the Denver Broncos after a long road to the NFL’s pinnacle, the Super Bowl 50, which started a few short weeks ago in the NFL Playoffs.

The teams that emerged as the best in their respective conference have shocked fans. 

Let’s take a look at the AFC first. The Wild Card starts today. The Kansas City Chiefs destroyed the Houston Texans. This matchup was thought to be quiet interesting considering what each team brought to the table. Both teams have great defenses and their offenses are suspect. I assumed that since the Chiefs have more firepower on the offensive side of the ball and would win this game.

I am not surprised the Texans are only got 3 points in Las Vegas.

The other game was the Pittsburgh Steelers traveling to Cincinnati to play the Bengals. The Steelers came into this game as a 3 point favorite but I thought the game was going to be close, and it was! The Steelers defeated the Bengals 18 to 16. Many media outlets had said they are the team that could sneak into the Super Bowl, but my money was on the Broncos. I do see the Steelers winning and advancing to the next round of the playoffs. No matter who won these two games they will go on to play the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the conference.

The Patriots played against the Chiefs as my predictions were correct. This was a great game because the Patriots offense is their strength and the Chiefs defense is their strength. With the Patriots pedigree, I see them working through a tough game against Kansas City and advancing to the Conference Championship game.

The No.1 seed Broncos then played on Sunday against the No. 6 seed Steelers. The Broncos defense is one of the best in the NFL. This is the reason the Broncos are in such a good position in the playoffs. I foresaw the Broncos shutting down the Steelers offense and also dominating the Steelers defense.

I really didn’t see this game being close, but the Broncos only beat the Steelers by 1 touchdown. So with those predictions, I have the AFC Championship game as chalk. The No. 1 seed Denver Broncos play the No. 2 seed New England Patriots. This game is likely the last time Peyton Manning and Tom Brady play each other.

The game between the Broncos and Patriots was one for the ages. These two teams have similar strengths and similar weaknesses. I thought the Patriots coming out with Gronkowski and would do well through the air. But it was Peyton Manning who killed it in the air. Tom Brady struggled with all the Broncos defensive pressure and couldn't pull it together well enough for a win. The score would have been even worse for the Patriots if not for a fluke pass ruled as a pitch & fumble which resulted in a Patriot Touchdown. 

So now that the Broncos are in Superbowl 50 against the Panthers, who will win?

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Enjoy Superbowl 50!

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