Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nerium Compensation Plan for Nerium Brand Partners

There are 8 main parts of the Nerum Compensation Plan, and 3 “extra” parts for you to be aware of.

1. Retail Sales Brand Partners on ADO can sell NeriumAD night cream online for $110 and earn a retail profit of $30 on each bottle. They can also sell the NeriumAD combo pack online for $165 and earn retail profit of $45. Brand Partners on ADO can sell Nerium Firm online for $98 and earn a retail profit of $28 on each bottle.

2. Customer Acquisition Bonus For each new Auto-Delivery Order sold to a new Preferred Customer, you will earn a Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB). The CAB will be paid with the weekly commissions. You can earn higher levels of Customer Acquisition Bonuses (CAB) two ways. You can advance in rank to earn higher levels of CAB, or you can acquire Preferred Customers to earn higher levels of CAB. You will receive the higher of the two in your commissions.

3. Personal Customer Commissions • The more purchases and customers you acquire, the more you earn! • Personal Customer Commissions are paid in addition to Retail Commissions. • When your personal purchases* and customer sales exceed 200 in Customer Commissionable Volume (CCV) in a calendar month, you earn 10%–25% commission on the total monthly CCV. The first 10% of the Personal Customer Commission is paid in the Weekly Bonus Period, while the balance is paid in the Monthly Bonus Period. • Personal purchases*, Retail Customer Sales, and Preferred Customer Auto-Delivery Orders, subsequent to their first order, count towards total CCV.

4. Success Pack Bonus

  • Earn $50–$325 each time you sell one of the Success Packs to a new personally sponsored Brand Partner in their first 30 days.
  • This bonus follows the Sponsor Tree and is paid in the Weekly Bonus Period.

5. Fast Start Qualified Bonus Each Brand Partner’s success is built upon the help and motivation of their upline support team. With that in mind, The FSQ Bonus rewards not only Brand Partners who Fast Start Qualify but also their Personal Sponsor and Senior Director as well. It is designed to recognize and reward the hard work and effort it takes to Fast Start Qualify and to also acknowledge the important role upline team members play in this process.

The addition of this new bonus only enhances the already lucrative Nerium compensation plan. FSQ Bonus Qualifications: You will receive this bonus if:

As a new Brand Partner, you Fast Start Qualify in 30 days (see FSQ requirements on page 3).

The bonus for FSQ Brand Partners is $100. The FSQ Brand Partner’s Personal Sponsor will receive $75 if they are active the week the Brand Partner Fast Start Qualifies.

The first “Paid As” Senior Director in the placement tree will also receive $75. If the Personal Sponsor is also the first qualified Senior Director above the FSQ Brand Partner, the Personal Sponsor will be paid both bonuses for a total of $150. How Is the Bonus Paid? The FSQ Bonus will be paid in your weekly check. The Brand Partner, Personal Sponsor, and Senior Director bonus will each be paid out in the week that the new Brand Partner Fast Start Qualifies.

6. Coaching Commissions Begin earning 5% Coaching Commissions on Personally Sponsored Brand Partners.

7. Director 60 (iPad) Bonus Get additional rewards as you lead your team to success. When you complete the activities below in your first 60 days, you may choose either a new AppleTM iPad, a $350 cash bonus, or four night and four day free bottles of NeriumAD Age-Defying Cream.

  • Attain 500 PQV in your first 30 days.
  • Earn the rank of Director within your first 60 Days.

8. Lexus Bonus Beginning at Senior Director, you will qualify to earn a Lexus Car Bonus. Nerium International will send you your Lexus Car Bonus each month you maintain the rank of Senior Director, or higher, to make the payment on your silver, white, or granite Lexus. This bonus is calculated and paid in the Monthly Bonus Period. Please note that you must qualify monthly to be paid monthly. Weekly rank advancements and grace period do not qualify.

Coaching Commissions

Earn up to a 10% Coaching Commission on Team Commissions, Leadership Development Commissions, Success Pack Bonuses, Customer Acquisition Bonuses, and Differential Bonuses made by each of your personally sponsored Brand Partners.

Residual Income

Focus on simply building your business in teams of three who sponsor three and get paid up to 10 Senior Brand Partner generations deep on your team’s sales! Team Commissions Team commissions are based on the commissionable volume generated from product sales made by your team. Your focus as a Brand Partner is to create a strong Retail and Preferred Customer base and to build a team of other Brand Partners who create a strong Retail and Preferred Customer base. Team commissions start at the Senior Brand Partner position. As your team builds, your Team Commission earnings will increase.

  • The higher the rank you achieve, the more generations from which you can earn commission.
  • Commissions are “compressed” to allow you to earn commission on sales originating deeper within your Senior Brand Partner or higher legs. Only active Senior Brand Partners or higher count as a generation in the Team Commissions calculation. Brand Partners’ Commissionable Volume is therefore added to the next qualified generation.
  • Any Customer or Brand Partner volume that is not generated from an Active Senior Brand Partner or higher will “compress” and be counted in the volume of the generation.
  • This bonus follows the Placement Tree and is paid in the Monthly Bonus Period.

Leadership Development Bonus

Nerium International rewards our leaders for their dedication to their teams through the Leadership Development Bonus. Beginning at 1-Star National Marketing Director, you can earn an extra 1%–3% of the commissionable volume of your entire organization, down to the next equal or higher ranked Brand Partner. This bonus follows the Sponsor Tree and is paid in the Monthly Bonus Period. may also be of interest

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