Sunday, November 22, 2015

Quest for a Much Better Return Game

J.J. Nelson isn't quicker than a speeding bullet. It is impossible, but he could be compared to a slightly slower moving bullet.

Individuals blazing wheels make Nelson the best candidate to complete kickoff and punt returns for that Cardinals in 2015, and the very first time he hits top gear at training camp ought to be appointment viewing.

The Arizona Cardinals had Ted Ginn this past year, a gazelle in the own right but results as an average last 2013 when he lost a yard on their own kickoff.

Johnson worked like a special teams coach for that Steelers from 2007-2012.he stated he really wants to re-stress the idea of attacking vertical seams like his models did in Pittsburgh.

Once the Cardinals came back for workout routines in April, Coach Bruce Arians said excitedly he needed more starters on special teams in 2015, based on cornerback Patrick Petterson. Although it raises the injuries risk - safety Tyrann Mathieu and wide receiver Teddy Williams both experienced season-ending.

An investment of the fifth-round draft pick on Nelson is yet another sign the Cardinals take special teams seriously, and also the addition might be a boon if his electric exploits attending college mean the professionals. Jones knows the return game has battled last 2 years but thinks it has the opportunity for improvement with a few fine-tuning. may also be of interest

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